Textbooks & Theses

Our SAGE academics have contributed to many textbooks.

Least Squares Surveying Textbook

Practical Least Squares and Statistics for Surveyors, by Dr Bruce Harvey Monograph 13, Third Edition reprinted 2016, UNSW. 332 + x pp.  ISBN 0-7334-2339-6.

The book has recently been reprinted, now in colour, with spiral binding for ease of use. At the lowest possible cost. The book is not available in pdf or online format. Bruce retains copyright to the book. The book can only be purchased from UNSW Bookshop, either on campus or order it from them. To order the book, go to:  https://www.bookshop.unsw.edu.au/details.cgi?ITEMNO=9780733423390

Free Surveying Textbook

Our SAGE academic have contributed to many textbooks. Here are a few free books you can download.

Student Theses

Here are a few undergraduate research theses you can download.