Case Studies


The first area that was chosen for this project was in Hurstville. The site is bounded by King Georges Road, Hillcrest Avenue and Worinora. The first step in this adjustment was to obtain necessary search required for the project. The search included cadastral survey plans, approximately 70 plans and also state survey control mark information. The next step was to create an input file for Fixit 3. This involved entering title dimensions for each lot in the subject area. The title dimensions consisted of horizontal distances and bearings. After the title dimensions had been entered the next task was to enter the other necessary survey data. Data that includes cross street connections and connections to the state survey control.

Plot of the final Hurstville adjustment



Werrington County

The second site is in Werrington County, Penrith and was the site of a thesis project by Dean Watkins called “Optimising Survey Control using GNSS RTK & CORS Networks for Spatially Upgrading the DCDB- A case study in the Penrith Area”2007. This site was chosen because of the previous work that had been done by Dean Watkins. The project obtained coordinates of cadastral reference marks by GPS observations. These coordinates along with cadastral survey data and title dimensions were then processed by HAVOC, a least squares adjustment package. The title dimensions, cross street connections, references for cadastral marks and coordinates of the cadastral reference marks were all copied from a print out of the Havoc input file from Dean Watkins Thesis, the electronic version was not available. The data was re-entered into an input file in the correct format for Fixit 3.

Plot of the final Werrington adjustment