Cadastral Modelling


An overview of a Thesis Project Titled “Cadastral Modelling”, 2008

By Mitchell Ayres


Aim of Project

The aim of this project is to obtain survey accurate coordinates of parcel corners by combining cadastral survey data using parametric least squares software. The survey data includes dimensions of cadastral parcels from deposited plans and parcel connections to accurate coordinated marks. The project investigated different ways to use the least squares method to maintain features of the cadastre, features such as straight lines, curves and parallel lines.


Another point of the investigation was the use of weightings for observation, to observe what effects, varying relative weights of directions and distances in the adjustment has on the final adjustment coordinates. Orientation parameters were also examined, whether to orientate per plan, per lot or per point. The use of reference marks to cadastral modelling was also examined, along with the accuracy of coordinates produced by the least squares adjustment.


Scope of Project

The thesis concentrates on cadastral modelling rather than the broad range of DCDB considerations such as legal boundaries, utilities and GIS. It investigated the least squares adjustment as a method for cadastral modelling.


Plot of final adjusted coordinates of the Hurstville case study