Obesity in Australia :

A study of contributing socio—economical factors in using Spatial Analysis 

Author: Lucy Chen

Supervisor  : Samsung Lim


A range of geographical data are needed for this thesis, refer to Table 3 for the type and where they were sourced from.








           Table 3: Datasets and source


National Parks and urban parks then had to be manually split into the 3 remoteness categories and into their respective states.  Finally, the National Parks and Urban Parks were merged together to form ‘Green spaces’.   This was done in ArcGIS and is also another example of why spatial analysis was used.

For example, when National Parks and Urban for NSW were overlayed onto NSW boundaries, all the National and Urban Parks which are within the Outer/Other Regions of NSW had to be exported as a separate file (shapefile) and similarly for Inner Region and Major Cities of NSW, refer to Image 1.





















Image 1: Overlay of Urban and Nation Parks in NSW to be sorted


Geographic Data sets


State Boundaries

ABS online

Remoteness Boundaries

ABS online

Suburb Boundaries

ABS online

National Parks


Urban Parks