The goal of this paper is to compare digital aerial imagery and lidar data for the extraction of buildings and other features for digital mapping.  The reason for undertaking this study is that the NSW Land and Property Management Authority (LPMA) has recently acquired a Leica ADS40 digital aerial camera and ALS50 lidar (Aerial Laser Scanner).  The ADS40 requires different processing techniques and software to that used previously by the School of Surveying and Spatial Information Systems.  A primary focus was to trial the processing of the data derived from these two sensors at the University for the first time.


Project Aims and Objectives

· To understand the issues in orienting and extracting spatial data from the ADS40 pushbroom scanner using the Leica Photogrammetry Suite (LPS) software, which includes GPro and ORIMA.

· Examine how lidar data is processed, and suitable software for doing so.

· To document the above-mentioned processes.

· Compare the suitability of digital aerial images and lidar for extracting spatial information, and determine accuracies and efficiencies of doing so.

· Consider automatic methods that would be suitable for extracting information from images and lidar data.