Strata Titles:

looking forward

Thesis by: William Daman (2010)

Supervisor: Mr. Michael Green




The purpose of this Thesis is to review and discuss some of the issues that are surrounding the Strata Titles System in New South Wales and consequently are affecting the system. These issues could be related to two parts; the first part is the technical part that deals with the preparations of strata plans. All strata schemes are usually alienated by strata plans and therefore it is very important that these plans represent their respective schemes very clearly and without any misleading information.


In addition, when these strata plans are registered they are officially considered as part of the cadastral system of New South Wales which makes them so valuable to the land titling system, hence extra considerations need to be given when preparing such plans in order to achieve the required accuracy that goes along with the surveying regulations in NSW.


The second part is the legislative part of the system which basically consists of acts and regulations which considered as the control panel that governs strata titles. This research will try to correlate the technical and the legislative parts. This would be done by finding appropriate resolutions to the selected issues and then the attempt to propose these resolutions (if applicable) as provisions to be added or amendments to be applied to the Strata Schemes Legislations, and hence they will be binding to all parties that deals with Strata Titles  in New South Wales.


The research also will attempt to gain some ideas and methods from Interstate/International Strata Systems and apply the differences to the New South Wales system as improvements that will help to advance the New South Wales Strata System to be a more efficient and effective strata system.