Standardising Australian Cadastral Survey Practice

Samuel Dewing - z3294115


Cadastral surveying in Australia is controlled by the states and territories, and since federation in 1901, Australian cadastral survey practice remains the jurisdiction of the individual states and territories. This has resulted in each state and territory developing their own individual sets of legislation i.e. Acts and Regulations that control the practice of cadastral surveying in each respective jurisdiction. There has been no standardisation of legislation between any of the states or territories, thus there currently are no two systems that are the same. This has resulted in individual pieces of legislation including three and four tier systems. Predominantly, each system contains an Act followed by a Regulation followed by Directions, (i.e. a three tier system). Some systems also include Guidelines instead of Directions or in conjunction with Directions (i.e. a four tier system). However, this is not the case in every state and the content of each level or tier of legislation is not aligned with each other. This has resulted in every state and territory having a different system to effectively achieve the same result.