Strata Title: Issues & Innovations



Background Research:


Background research and familiarisation with many facets of Strata Title was required for the project. The following list outlines the major background research topics:


· Investigating the history of the legislation and its evolving application to various types of development.


· Researching the regulations and procedures which Surveyors in NSW currently adhere to when dealing with Strata Schemes.


· Researching property trends in Australia particularly in NSW.


· Investigating the types of initiatives and measures being taken to improve the Strata System of NSW and assessing the significance of these various actions.



Major Objectives:


Subsequent to completing the background research and strengthening fundamental knowledge of the Strata System, the main objectives for the project were as follows:



1)          To identify a set of current and/or foreseeable issues within New South Wales Strata System.


2)          To consider the selected issues and look for innovative potential resolutions.


3)          Discuss the selected issues with industry members to :-


a) Gain their view on the issues and ideas as to how the issues may be resolved.


b)          Gain their opinions on the considerations and suggestions made through the second project objective. Consequently, use the opinions of these professionals to identify the strengths and flaws of ideas.


4)          Research several international and/or interstate 3D Property Systems (Equivalents of the ‘Strata System’ used in NSW). Look at how the system in NSW differs from these examples and potentially draw innovative features from these systems that may be beneficial if adopted in NSW.


Thesis By:  Ryan Fifield


Faculty of Engineering


School of Surveying & SIS