Strata Title: Issues & Innovations

Potential Topics for Future Study


The following points are a few potential topics for investigation that arose through research for this project. Unfortunately time restrictions for completion did not permit for consideration to be given to these topics.



· Termination of Strata Schemes.


· Unit Entitlements (UE):

· Possible Valuation methods that do not account for amenity.

· Are there UE issues with developers retaining ownership of the roofs of buildings for communications towers etc.


· Would Strata Plans which do not have a height limitation be of benefit? (See section 5.6)


· Statement to specify that all Strata Lots lie within Parcel boundary rather than showing boundary offsets to buildings on the Location Plan (P. Vandergraaf, 2008. SWIG Meeting 25 Aug). Or, provision of a statement that lot boundary coincides with parcel boundary (M. Green, 2008. Thesis Meeting 02 Sep).


· Default method to address the ownership and maintenance responsibility of significant trees within the cubic space of a lot?


· Possible benefits for the use of colour on Strata Plans.


· Concept of a ‘Party Floor’ for buildings which are partly Strata Subdivided.

Thesis By:  Ryan Fifield


Faculty of Engineering


School of Surveying & SIS