Strata Title: Issues & Innovations



This dissertation examines the Strata Title System of NSW and several current and foreseeable issues therein. In addition to this, several 3D Property Systems external to NSW are investigated to expose differences between those systems and the Strata System in NSW. This study particularly focuses on the differences in information shown on the various 3D Property Plans.


The project demonstrates that issues have arisen within the Strata System of NSW as a result of the broadening application of Strata Title to various modern developments. Issues have also emerged as a result of society becoming more complex with a need to map the cadastre in greater detail, improved correctness and with increasing digitisation.


The research is based on a qualitative paradigm and data has been gathered from a range of sources including textual documents and legislation, individual and group meetings with members of the Strata industry and through review of example plans. As a result of this extensive research, potential remedial strategies have been proposed and discussed for each of the selected issues. These discussions have shown that an opportunity to diminish the negative implications of these issues exists if the strategies are employed in each case.


It is demonstrated that in a complex property system such as Strata Title, the proliferation of further issues is inevitable. However the findings of this thesis suggest that through concentrated individual consideration of these issues, combined with the deliberations of collaborative professional bodies, opportunities exist for innovation. Subsequently this facilitates the steady development of an increasingly efficient Strata System.


Author:             Mr R. Fifield

Supervisor:      Mr M. Green

Thesis By:  Ryan Fifield


Faculty of Engineering


School of Surveying & SIS