Text Box: Monitoring Deformation of Small Structural Models Using Close-Range Photogrammetry
Text Box: Conclusion

This thesis project set out to test some of the capabilities of close-range photogrammetry in relation to monitoring deformation on small scale civil objects. A preliminary experiment was conducted to test variety of internal and external factors, which could possibly effect on the quality of results. These factors included synchronisation between the shutter remote control and six cameras, target size, network geometry and camera parameters. 

Close-range photogrammetry method can be adopted by varieties of applications

Close-range photogrammetry measurements on the projects are reliable and practical

Close-range photogrammetry is able to achieve 1:20000 accuracy for deformation monitoring

Close-range photogrammetry have more monitoring points in 3D than LVDT method (1D only)

Close-range photogrammetry is able to obtain 3D spatial information for civil structural projects