In this section, two case studies will be conducted in order to gain the knowledge from the real scenarios. These two case studies were both investigated in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia by NASA and UNSW as reported BBC News.

Queensland flood 2010 to 2011 was a major Queensland flood and affecting three quarters of land in Queensland, especially in Burnett River and Fitzroy River. Thousands of people were forced to evacuate in both urban and rural areas. 70 towns and 200,000 people were affected, which 35 were killed, with 2.4 million AUD losses and damages were recorded.


From the above figure, this infrared image for Rockhampton flood area was captured by NASA¡¦s Terra satellite, with Advanced Space borne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER), on 7 January 2011. Using infrared image with visible light, the muddy water and similar soil feature can be contrasted out easily. The flood was shown in brown area where the clear water shows in black colour. All the other ground surfaces were shown in red colour. The little white colour dots indicate the dwelling houses and large white content denotes cloud. And it was believed that more than 300 homes were flooded unfortunately.

Case studies

University of New South Wales

Integrated Remote Sensing For Flood Mapping

NASA result

This UNSW result as reported by BBC News shows the comparison before and after the flood occurred in Rockhampton. It was taken on the 5 of January 2011 when it peaked at the level of 9.2 metres to assist the State emergency Services flood operations. The images were created by using the Cosmo-SkyMed satellite constellation. The radar image was overlaid on an existing optical satellite image, resulting the flood extent along the Fitzroy River Area. The result on the right shows that large amount of areas were affected by the flood and the inundation affected most of the community in Rockhampton area. The areas along the river were suffering severe impacts and they lead to big impacts and long-term consequences.

UNSW result as reported by BBC News