Definition of Thesis Topic

The current School’s spatial data includes satellite imagery, aerial photography, Databases, Roads Data, Cadastres and more. The list of available data is accessible by current student and staff of the School via a network drive, but the actual acquisition of the data will require the physical process of obtaining/copying the data from the School’s Data Manager.

This has caused many limitations in terms of data accessibility, as well as the fact that there is a lack of awareness that the data even exists.

By developing WMS and WFS to service the School’s data in an open source system, this will minimise the administration work and maximise data access within a learning environment. Data will be serviced on an external server, GeoServer, and end users will be able to access this data remotely by using client softwares such as uDig, Quantum GIS and OpenJUMP, all of which have WMS and WFS capabilities.


Scope of the Project

The aim of this thesis is to service current spatial data belonging to The School of Surveying and SIS in an open source GIS system. This can be done by developing Web Map Services (WMS) for map display, and Web Feature Service (WFS) for data sharing by using open source GeoServer.

GeoServer can then be connected to capable client interfaces to deliver the serviced data to the end users, who in this case are the current staff and students of the school. The data received using WMS and WFS capabilities will have functions to view, edit and delete features, as well as have access to metadata and attribute information.

The tasks for this thesis project would include:

  • To learn how to install and use GeoServer
  • To integrate with existing mapping APIs including uDig
  • To catalogue the School’s data
  • To construct metadata
  • To develop a website that demonstrates how GeoServer can be used for teaching and learning, for example, data distribution for lab exercises.

University of New South Wales
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