The Design and Ownership of Manufactured Home Estates

University of New South Wales



In recent times the house and land prices of New South Wales have risen sharply. There are a number of contributing factors including, population growth, a shortage of land and taxes imposed by government. Whatever the reason, the main result has been increased housing prices, to the point where an average home in Sydney is $600,000 and the average national house price is $460,000. In my selected site (Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park) there is a property For Sale with offers over $300,000 being requested. (Domain 19/10/2010)


Currently there is little sign of house prices falling to a more affordable level, making it extremely difficult for young people to enter the housing market. So there needs to be an alternative solution to this problem.


Manufactured Homes Estates and Permanent Residential Caravan Parks could be a possible solution for affordable housing and gives young buyers an opportunity to enter the housing market. Currently, the idea of living in a caravan park as a permanent resident does not sound too appealing, mainly because it is commonly thought that caravan parks are for retired people over the age of 55.


My aim is to design a Manufactured Home Estate or Permanent Residential Caravan Park that appeals to younger buyers and also gives them the opportunity to have secure tenure in their title.