Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-based Mapping







>>UAV Mapping Concept







>By- Alek Vorobyov-Salameh

>Supervisor- Dr. Jinling Wang



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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) cover all vehicles, which are flying in the air with no person onboard; and with capabilities of controlling the aircraft manually and / or automatically. UAVs are widely used in a variety of applications that differ depending on the task at hand. The use of UAVs is preferred in a wide range of applications including civil that are considered to be too dangerous for direct human interaction. A UAV mapping system can either be remotely controlled or fly autonomously based on pre-programmed flight plans or more complex dynamic automation systems. In UAV mapping where accuracy and integrity is at an up-most it is more ideal for the flight plan to be pre-determined for the specified area.

The thesis project investigates the following points through various tasks:
• The history behind the UAV Mapping Systems
• The principles behind UAV Mapping
• The spatial information industry needs/requirements for future UAV mapping systems

The tasks setup to investigate the aims of the thesis project, establish clearly and precisely the theory and practice behind UAV Mapping and reflect on the need of the spatial information industry for such a technology. The thesis project focuses on Mini UAV systems as they are the leading UAV technology in the field but will briefly mention others.

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