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3D Visualisation of Davis Station, Antarctica


At any given time there are a number of people preparing for an expedition to Davis Station, Antarctica pictured in figure 1. This is quite an unusual process as it is a place that few people get to visit and there is little information available about the area. The expedition members will generally be calling the station home for an extended period of time and the fact that they are heading to a place that they know very little about goes against the fundamental rule of any expedition, being prepared.












Figure 1. Aerial Photograph of Davis Station (Australian Antarctic Division, 2008)

The creation of a sophisticated 3D visualisation of the area will provide a thorough introduction to the Davis Station locality. The visualisation will not only be showing the geographic layout of the site. But also the improvements that lie upon it, with the aim of familiarising the expedition members with the area. In order to provide a thorough and realistic introduction, audio commentary will accompany the visualisation as will supplementary ground photos of points of interest. The use of spatial, audio and visual data will provide a comprehensive and realistic introduction to Davis Station.

Author: Alex Suchy

Supervisor: Samsung Lim

Last Modified: 29th October, 2008