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The Surveyor's Role in Developing a Sustainable Society

Narelle Underwood ~ Undergraduate Thesis ~ October 2008
Supervised by Michael Green and Darryl Warry


The sustainability of the human race and ‘life as we know it’ is likely to be the most pressing issue that this generation faces. There are a number of different key issues that are facing Australia in the immediate future including;

  • Global Warming
  • Urban Sprawl
  • Housing Affordability

The Surveyors of today (and tomorrow) are in a unique position to influence the societies of the future and they need to establish their role as the lead professionals in the area of sustainable land development. It appears that the profession in general is finally starting to realise that ‘business as usual’ is just no longer acceptable and something needs to be done to ensure that the developments we create now and in the future do not have a detrimental effect on the surrounding environment.

Through research and a case study this thesis investigated a variety of aspects of sustainable development and the role that surveyors should play to help develop a more sustainable society. The lessons and knowledge gained were used to develop a set of objectives and guidelines for surveyors to implement when designing developments. These have then been applied to a real world situation, the proposed development of Vault Hill, Picton.

Is real sustainable development actually achievable or is it all just a ‘buzz’ word and clever marketing to encourage people to buy in a particular subdivision to make them feel better about the consumptive way we live?