DInSAR for the Detection of Land Subsidence in Mining

Formed Conclusions

Through the use of the Atlantis Earth View InSAR software and readings on the future with regards to SAR earth observing satellites the following conclusions were formed.


Processes concerning SAR data are becoming increasingly more accurate and less time consuming than in the recent past. SAR applications are expanding outwards at an encouraging rate and give the impression that market demand for such products will rise as time progresses and SAR develops further still. As the global populace become more aware of the increasing strains on the natural environment the role of SAR satellites will have the potential to play a very significant factor in the aiding of environmental relief.


The multiple roles of SAR satellites in the near future should allow them to cover a broad range of clientele and give more initial chances of commercial success. Acting as early warning systems for natural disasters (earthquakes and volcanic eruptions) and aiding in military defence capacities are but two of a number of applications that could be incorporated into SAR satellite observing systems. It is concluded that SAR appears to be reaching a level where it will be taken very seriously in the not too distant future.

©2004 Robert Walsh