Network Design

The desired geomtery for the site transformation assessment was to have seven marks of B2/LBL2 horizontal and vertical class and order arranged in a regular pattern around the test area to use as TPs. By changing the number and geometry of which TPs are used the quality of the resulting site transformation can be examined.

Within the test area several check marks are required. If a check mark has a class and order of B2/LBL2 it was used as a horizontal and vertical check (HV) mark. If a check mark met the horizontal B2 classification but failed to meet the LBL2 requirement it is was used as a horizontal only (H) check mark. Two test lines extending away from the area defined by the TPs were also needed to test whether and how quickly the accuracy of the transformation degrades outside the valid area. The test lines were designated the northern (N) and north-western (NW) test lines.

The test network was located in the Maroubra-Pagewood area and is shown in the figure below.

click for full image

Marks included in the final network design. Red stars are TPs, light green shows HV marks, dark green shows H marks, yellow shows N marks and blue shows NW marks (click for full image).

Image courtesy of Google Earth.

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