International Association of Geodesy (IAG)

Commission 4 (2015-2019): 

Positioning & Applications

Sub-Commission 4.2 (2015-2019): 

Geodesy in Geospatial Mapping and Engineering


Welcome to IAG Sub-Commission (SC) 4.2 (2015-2019)

Geodesy provides foundations for geospatial mapping and engineering. Modern geospatial mapping as a massive point positioning process has been evolving towards automatic operations, and at the same time, various engineering areas are increasingly relying on highly developed geospatial technologies to deliver improved productivities and safety with minimised negative environment impact. This Sub-Commission (SC) 4.2 will therefore endeavour to coordinate research and other activities that address the broad areas of the theory and applications of geodesy tools in geospatial mapping and engineering, ranging from construction work, geotechnical and structural monitoring, precision farming, mining, to natural phenomena such as landslides and ground subsidence. The SC4.2 will carry out its work in close cooperation with other IAG Entities, as well as via linkages with relevant scientific and professional organizations such as ISPRS, FIG, IEEE, ION, ISM. The objectives of this Sub Commission can be found here. You are welcome to browse around this website for other information. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Steering Committe

 Chair: Jinling Wang (Univ. of New South Wales, Australia)  
 Co-Chair: Michael Olsen (Oregon State University, USA)  
 Secretary: Hung-Kyu Lee (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan) 
 Member at Large: Guenther Retscher (Vienna Univ. of Tech., Austria) 

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