CSIRO Uses Space Tech To Support Buffalo-tracking Conservation Efforts

More than 1,000 feral buffalo and unmanaged cattle roaming northern Australia will be tagged and tracked as part of the world’s largest satellite herd-tracking program, spearheaded by the CSIRO. The $4 million, 3.5 year project aims to turn the destructive pests into economic, environmental and cultural opportunities for Indigenous communities across the region, as well as create new “best practice” for managing large herds using space technology.

Satellite GPS-tracking tags will be attached to the animals’ ears and deliver real-time, geographically accurate insights into herd density, accessibility and transport costs. The animals will be tracked across a combined area of 22,314 square kilometres, taking in the Arafura swamp catchment in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, and Upper Normanby and Archer River on Cape York Peninsula in Queensland. 

CSIRO chief executive Dr Larry Marshall said the program demonstrated the opportunities for Australia in growing our own space capabilities and supply chains while also advancing reconciliation.

Read more in Space Connect article. https://www.spaceconnectonline.com.au/operations/4359-csiro-uses-space-tech-to-support-buffalo-tracking-conservation-efforts?utm_source=SpaceConnect&utm_campaign=28_05_20&utm_medium=email&utm_content=2&utm_emailID=7b4c7db616168fe865f3a2f96500fa1904548b5145c6ae1709d81f43459c19a2

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