FCC Chairman Moves Forward on Ligado Approval Interfering with GPS

“Ligado’s planned usage will likely harm military capabilities, particularly for the U.S. Space Force, and have major impact on the national economy,” two ranking Senators and a Representative wrote. The timing could not be worse, they said to allow what “is fundamentally a bad deal for America’s national and economic security.”

“After many years of consideration, it is time for the FCC to make a decision and bring this proceeding to a close,” said Chairman Pai in a statement. “We have compiled an extensive record, which confirms that it is in the public interest to grant Ligado’s application while imposing stringent conditions to prevent harmful interference. The draft order that I have presented to my colleagues would make more efficient use of underused spectrum and promote the deployment of 5G and Internet of Things services.”

Read more in Inside GNSS article. https://insidegnss.com/fcc-chairman-moves-forward-on-ligado-approval/

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