GPS Jamming and Spoofing Reported at Port of Shanghai

Reports have been filtering through the maritime community over the last month about strange AIS and GPS readings at the Port of Shanghai. One incident was documented to the U.S. Coast Guard. The service’s Navigation Center receives reports about GPS problems from maritime and other users around the world.
Posted to the Navigation Center’s website on July 17, the report states:

“Upon arriving to dock in Shanghai, a U.S. flagged MV master checked ECDIS at the AIS to see if their berth was clear. Another ship on the berth appeared to be in the channel making 7 knots (kts) speed over ground (SOG), but then disappeared from AIS. A few minutes later she was back and at the dock, then underway again, 5 kts, 2 kts, 0 kts, in the channel, then back at the dock, then gone. 

“This pattern repeated multiple times. It turned out the other ship was actually all fast the entire time. Later, while the MV was turning in the river off the same berth, both GPS units lost their signals, no position, no SOG, multiple alarms on various integrated equipment. The GPS signal would come back for a minute and then be lost again. This continued to the dock and has continued. The GMDSS GPS is experiencing the same thing. Master suspects GPS signal jamming is occurring at this berth. Vessel checked all antennae connections – all connections are secured and dry. There have been no other issues with these units.”

Experts advise that this scenario fits a pattern of GPS jamming that is fairly well documented. 

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