GPS Jamming Still Causing Problems in Finnmark

In recent years, the GPS net in Finnmark, Northern Norway has been down on a regular basis due to jamming of signals. District Police Chief Ellen Katrine Hætta first noticed jamming in 2017 and then notified the Norwegian Police Directorate.

The National Security Authority has analysed the jamming and in September 2018 verified that the jamming came from the east. The intelligence services have concluded that Russia was behind it.

Jamming is a way of destroying a signal through sending out one signal that overshadows another one. In this way, jamming GPS signals brings communications and navigation systems down and they lose their function.

“The last incident was not long ago. In April/May this year we registered another episode. We report all incidents to the Police Directorate. There is not much they can do about it. We as a society need to improve our systems, says Police Chief Ellen Katrine Hætta to High North News.

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