Norway Jammed Again – Replacing South Korea as Nation with “Most Jammed GPS”?

«We depend on good GPS signals to quickly locate areas with people missing in extreme weather like we have today,» says Deputy Chief of Police Trond Eirik Nilsen with Finnmark Police District to the Barents Observer.

On Thursday January 10, a strong wind with snow moves in over the Barents Sea causing troubles from Svalbard in the north to Troms and Finnmark on the mainland. The storm hits the northernmost part of Norway simultaneously as yet another jamming of GSP signalshas been discovered in the border areas to Russia’s Kola Peninsula.

«Civil Aviation Authority of Norway can confirm the issuing of a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) due to GPS-disruptions west of Kirkenes,» says the agency’s head of communication, Frank Gøran Nordheim, to the Barents Observer.

Nordheim underlines the agency has no concerns in regards to air traffic safety, pointing to other ground base navigation systems all aircraft can use when GPS is not available.

«In accordance with our procedures, all airlines are notified about the GSP-disturbances,» Nordheim says.

GPS-jamming, however, could have way more implications than air traffic navigation.

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