SAGE Laboratory

The Surveying and Geospatial Engineering (SAGE) Laboratory is a central space to support SAGE teaching and research. It has state-of-the-art surveying instruments and up-to-date software packages for catching up the latest technology development in surveying and geospatial engineering. Scheduled teaching and practicing classes have the highest priority to use the lab and surveying instruments.

Lab facilities:

  • GNSS signal replicators and a CORSnet station.
  • Desktop workstation Windows computers, multi-GPU Linux computers and satellite imagery servers.
  • Remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) for aerial photogrammetry, remote sensing and lidar.
  • Close range photogrammetry devices (e.g. DSLR cameras, iSense3D scanner).
  • GNSS and IMU data processing software e.g. Waypoint Inertial Explorer.
  • Close range photogrammetry software e.g. Australis, iWitnessPro and Photomodeler.
  • GIS, aerial photogrammetry and remote sensing software e.g. ArcGIS, ERDAS, ENVI, Px4D, Correlator3D.
  • Lidar data processing and visualisation software e.g. Quick Terrain Modeler and LAStools
  • Surveying and geospatial data processing applications e.g. Leica Infinity, Cyclone, Magnet Office, AutoCAD Civil3D, Fixit4

Lab access:

  • SAGE staff have 24/7 card access.
  • Student access can be granted from Dr Yincai Zhou or Dr Craig Roberts with academic supervisor's approval and lab induction completion.
  • Training is required to operate surveying instruments or equipment.
  • Lab users must follow UNSW & the School’s health and safety guidelines. Please refer to UNSW Health and Safety website
  • If you invite visitors into the lab, you are responsible for their conduct and for the security of the lab. 
  • Report any WHS hazards to Dr Yincai Zhou or your supervisor or the School’s WHS officer in school office.
  • Do not remove any instruments, equipment, peripherals or accessories from the lab unless it is authorised.
  • If you borrow anything from the lab, please book online. If not available for online booking, please record it in the loan book and leave your mobile number on the book.
  • If you leave a computer running for your programs or tasks, please leave your name and mobile phone number on its keyboard.
  • Internal lending of instruments within UNSW, borrowers are required to complete the Internal Loan of Surveying Instruments form and signed by the borrower's Head of School