SAGE Store

Surveying instruments and geospatial equipment are managed and maintained in SAGE Store for teaching and research. Scheduled teaching classes have higher priority for instrument allocations.  

  1. SAGE staff have 24/7 access.
  2. Student access can be authorised by Dr Yincai Zhou or Dr Craig Roberts for a specified period of time. The access must be authorised by supervisors with completed SAGE Lab & Store Inductions.
  3. HDR students must complete instrument operational training before using any instruments or equipments. Contact supervisors or Dr Yincai Zhou to arrange a training.
  4. A risk management form must be completed and approved by supervisors for experiments in common spaces (indoor or outdoor).
  5. To ensure safe access to the Survey Store you must follow UNSW & the School’s health and safety guidelines. Please refer to UNSW Health and Safety website
  6. If you invite visitors into the store, you are fully responsible for them and for the security of the store. 
  7. Report any WHS hazards to Dr Yincai Zhou or the School’s WHS officer. If you create a hazard, you must control it.
  8. Do not remove any instruments, equipment, peripherals or accessories from the store unless it is authorised. Instruments in distribution bay are prepared for teaching classes only, not for loan.
  9. If you borrow anything from the store, you must book it online in advance. For items not in the online booking system please record it in the loan book provided, and cross-out your record once you have returned the gears.
  10. Prior to the start of all sessions, course coordinators book instruments online for student practices.
  11. Internal lending of instruments within UNSW, borrowers are required to complete the Internal Loan of Surveying Instruments form and signed by the borrower's Head of School.