Software Licenses

1. WayPoint Inertial Explorer

WayPoint Inertial Explorer has been installed and activated on Computer #2 in SAGE Lab. SAGE staff may use the software on their own computers temporarily with prearrangement.

Please note that it is not a network license. "Local License Manager" will be part of the package when the software is successfully installed. Local activation using "Local License Manager" is required. For other users' information and easy locating the license, Activator Info is required when activate the license on your computer. This could be your email address or your name. This string is passed to the NovAtel license server and accessible through the FlexNet customer portal and by NovAtel Waypoint support agents. If nothing is entered in the text box, then no additional information is passed to the NovAtel license server. A forced license return may interrupt your use of the software.  


Once activated, your computer occupies the license until it is returned. So, please return the license once you have finished your data processing.