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This year marks 50 years since the U.S. Department of Defense approved the design for GPS and first funded the program. It is also the 30-year anniversary of an important...
Dr Bradford Parkinson, renowned as the ‘Chief Architect of GPS,’ will present the opening keynote address at the International Global Navigation Satellite Systems Association (IGNSS) 2024 conference in Sydney in...
At its annual general meeting on 3 November 2023, the members of Consulting Surveyors National unanimously supported rebranding the organisation as ‘Surveyors Australia’. The organisation says that all surveying firms...

SAGE Highlights

SAGE Highlights

SAGE research

The Surveying and Geospatial Engineering (SAGE) Research Group has been conducting world class research in the subdisciplines of geodesy, photogrammetry, positioning measurement and remote sensing since the 1960s.


CVEN Emeritus Professor Chris Rizos believes there is a geospatial revolution happening in positioning, mapping and remote sensing.


Our Postgraduate students can immerse themselves in their research, surrounded by supportive peers and passionate academics and with access to fantastic UNSW facilities