Campus Network

UNSW campus network is designed and maintained for surveying student field survey practice. Since the Kensington Campus of UNSW is continuously changing due to construction work, and the time and resources available for the investigation of each individual mark were limited, no claim is made that all information given is correct or complete. The evolution of the campus network recovery sketches: 

  • The card based recovery sketch catalogue designed by A.P.H. Werner,
  • 1st Edition Campus Network Recovery Sketches by C. Rusu (supervised by J. M. Rüeger) in 1987,
  • 2nd Edition "CNRS" by K. D. Sippel and J. M. Rüeger in March 1995,
  • 2½ Edition "CNRS" by A. G. Browne, not published (final year project report),
  • 3rd Edition "CNRS" by S. K. Johnson and J. M. Rüeger, September 1997, and
  • UNSW Web Based Campus Network Recovery Sketches by Joseph Cosentino 2002 and supervised by Dr. J. M. Rüeger.
  • UNSW Campus Network (KML) by Bruce Harvey 2019. Change file extension name .txt to .kml before viewing in Google Earth, Google Maps or Nearmap.