Early UNISURV Series

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R-01 G.G. Bennett, "The Discrimination of Radio Time Signals in Australia ", 11 pp, 1963, UNISURV Rep. 1 Report 1
R-02 J.S. Allman, "A Comparator for the Accurate Measurement of Differential Barometric Pressure", 10 pp, 1963, UNISURV Rep. 2 Report 2
R-03 R. S. Mather, "The Establishment of Geodetic Gravity Networks in South Australia", 28 pp, 1966, UNISURV Rep. 3 Report 3
R-04 R. S. Mather, "The Extension of the Gravity Field in South Australia ", 29 pp, 1967, UNISURV Rep. 4 Report 4
R-05 J. S. Allman, "An Analysis of the Reliability of Barometric Elevations", 335 pp, 1968, originally UNISURV Rep. 5 Report 5
R-06 R. S. Mather, "The Free Air Geoid for South Australia and its Relation to the Equipotential Surfaces of the Earth's Gravitational Field", 491 pp, 1968, UNISURV Rep. 6

Report 6 Vol 1

Report 6 Vol 2

R-07 P. V. Angus-Leppan (ed), "Control for Mapping by Geodetic and Photogrammetric Methods", 329 pp, 22-24 May 1967, UNISURV Rep. 7, (no ISBN) includes papers by G. Konecny, M. T. Noonan, Z. Zvirgzdins, E. Chambers, F. H. Edwards, K. Leppert, P. R Seidel, J. D. Lines, W. Child, E. U. Anderson, A. G. Bomfoprd, J. S. Allman, S. Bervoets, W. A. G. Mueller, J. W. S. Linton & A. Apsenieks, D. R. Hocking (also listed as Monograph 00) Report 7
R-08 G.G. Bennett and J.G. Frieslich, "The Teaching of Field Astronomy", 40 pp, 1968, UNISURV Rep. 8, Report 8
R-09 J.C. Trinder, "Photogrammetric Pointing Accuracy as a Function of the Visual Image", 72 pp, 1968, UNISURV Rep. 9 Report 9
R-10 P.V. Angus-Leppan, "An Experimental Determination of Refraction over an Icefield", 30 pp, 1968, UNISURV Rep. 10 Report 10
R-11 R.S. Mather, "The Non-Regularised Geoid and its Relation to the Telluroid and Regularised Geoids", 58 pp, 1968 UNISURV Rep. 11 Report 11
R-12 G.G. Bennett, "The Least Squares Adjustment of Gyro-Theodolite Observations ", 60 pp, 1968, UNISURV Rep. 12 Report 12
R-13 R.S. Mather, "The Free Air Geoid for Australia from Gravity Data available in 1968", 44 pp, 1969, UNISURV Rep. 13 Report 13
R-14 R.S. Mather, "Verification of Geoidal Solutions by the Adjustment of Control Networks using Geocentric Cartesian Coordinate Systems", 49 pp, 1969, UNISURV Rep. 14 Report 14
R-15 G.G. Bennett, "New Methods of Observation with the Wild GAK1 Gyro-Theodolite ", 75 pp, 1969, UNISURV Rep. 15 Report 15
R-16 G. G. Bennett, "Theoretical and Practical Study of a Gyroscopic Attachment for a Theodolite", 343 pp, 1970, UNISURV Rep. 16 (later also Unisurv S3) ISBN 0-85839-001-9 Report 16
R-17 J. C. Trinder, "Accuracy of Monocular Pointing to Blurred Photogrammetric Signals", 231 pp, 1970, UNISURV Rep. 17 (later also Unisurv S4 ), ISBN 0-85839-000-0 Report 17
R-18 A. Stolz, "The Computation of Three-Dimensional Coordinates of Terrestrial Network by the Use of Local Astronomic Vector Systems", 47 pp, 1970, UNISURV Rep. 18, ISBN 0-85839-004-3 Report 18
R-19 R.S. Mather, "The Australian Geodetic Datum in Earth Space", 144 pp, 1970, UNISURV Rep. 19 Report 19
R-20 J. G. Fryer, "The Effect of the Geoid on the Australian Geodetic Network", 221 pp, 1970, UNISURV Rep. 20 (later also Unisurv S5) Thesis
R-21 G. F. Toft, "The Registration and Cadastral Survey of Native-Held Rural Land in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea", 441 pp, 1968, UNISURV Rep. 2 (later also Unisurv S6) Thesis