Historical Publications

Between 1963 and 2010, the School of Surveying and Geospatial Engineering (formerly the School of Surveying) at UNSW produced the three types of publications listed below. The sale of print copies ceased at the end of 2013. Most items of the MONOGRAPH Series and two of the three UNISURV Series are available and can be downloaded as PDF.



In this series, the School published textbooks and conference proceedings (soft cover, typically 250 x 177 mm, some early ones in format A4). The first proceedings were from the conference on 'Control for Mapping by Geodetic and Photogrammetric Methods' of May 1967 (Monograph 00, originally published as UNISURV Rep. 7). The first textbook was published in January 1970 as Monograph No. 1 (R. S. Mather: 'The Theory and Geodetic Use of some Common Projections'). The list of the monographs including downloads are available here.


Early UNISURV Series

From 1963 to 1967, the then Department of Surveying published a number of reports as UNICIV Reports (S-1, D-3, R-17 and R-19) of the School of Civil Engineering at UNSW. These reports were later relabelled as Nos. 1-4 of the UNISURV Reports. Between 1968 and 1970, the 'UNISURV Reports' Nos. 5 to 21 were published. Six of these early reports were later relabelled as UNISURV S reports. (Because of that, they are listed under both headings in the listings.) For example, the UNISURV S-Series issue (S1) was published in 1968 as UNISURV Rep. 5. UNISURV Rep. 7 is a volume of conference proceedings and is also listed under monographs (as Monograph 00). The list of the UNISURV Reports including downloads are available here.


UNISURV S(pecial) Series

This series contains PhD and Master by Research theses and specialised scientific reports. One set of conference proceedings was published as UNISURV Report S11.) As noted above, the then Department of Surveying published 'UNISURV REPORTS' Nos. 1 to 21 between 1963 and 1970. Six of these early reports were later relabelled as UNISURV S reports and, thus, appear twice in the listings. The first UNISURV S-Series issue published as such was the UNISURV Rep. S7 in 1971. Since January 2005, the PhD and the MEng theses are no longer published in this series. Later, the School discontinued the sale of the printed UNISURV S-Reports (in March 2011).The list of theses and reports including downloads are available here.


UNISURV G(eneral) Series

This third UNISURV series started whilst surveying was still a department of the School of Civil Engineering at UNSW. UNISURV G1 (June 1963) was originally published as UNICIV Report D-1 (see listing of early UNISURV Reports). From 1968, all reports of the School were published as UNISURV Reports. The split into S- and G-Series became effective in June 1972 (with UNISURV Report G17). From June 1979 (No. 30), the UNISURV G Series appeared under the name 'Australian Journal of Geodesy, Photogrammetry & Surveying' (ISSN 0313 9220). The School continued this series until December 1987 (No. 47). From No. 48 (June 1988), the journal was published by the The Institution of Surveyors, Australia (ISSN 0159 8910). From June 1995 (No. 62) to December 2004 (No. 81) the Institution of Surveyors, Australia, published the journal as 'Geomatics Research Australia' (No. 62 ISSN 0159-8910, Nos. 63+ ISSN 1324-9983). From 2005 onwards, the new 'Journal of Spatial Science' (ISSN 1449-8596) took over the roles of 'Cartography', 'The Australian Surveyor' and 'Geomatics Research Australasia'.