Brad Parkinson to Speak at IGNSS 2024

Dr Bradford Parkinson, renowned as the ‘Chief Architect of GPS,’ will present the opening keynote address at the International Global Navigation Satellite Systems Association (IGNSS) 2024 conference in Sydney in February.

As the theme for IGNSS 2024 is ‘Celebrating 50 years of GNSS: Navigating the next 50,’ it is fitting that delegates will be able to hear from the first Director of the GPS Joint Program Office on the developments that led to the system we now take for granted.

In the 50 years since Parkinson and his team were given the go-ahead to design and build the GPS, it has become an essential part of daily life for most people on the planet, whether they realise it or not. And it has since been joined by three other global systems (GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou) and two regional systems (QZSS and IRNSS).

Parkinson will speak via video link from his home in California, about the technical and organisational issues that he and his team faced in the early days of GPS.

IGNSS 2024 will run from 7 to 9 February 2024 at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Early bird registrations are now open.

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