Ed Husic Doesn’t Listen To Space Industry, Says Predecessor

Former Science minister Karen Andrews has suggested her eventual replacement, Ed Husic, isn’t listening to the concerns of the space industry following the axing of a number of government-backed programs.

Liberal Andrews told The Australian the cuts by Labor were a “king hit”, and members of the sector had asked her to convene a roundtable to address the industry’s future.

“They’re looking for someone who’s prepared to listen to them,” she said. “It doesn’t seem to indicate to me that they have an open relationship with the current minister.

“I think the sector is going to have to look to how it’s going to support itself … and if you have a government … that doesn’t support that, it’s hard to see how the sector can reach its potential.”

Over the past year, three major investments have been axed, including a $32.3 million pledge to help Australia’s spaceportsSA’s Australian Space Park and a $1.2 billion Earth observation program.

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