FCC Unanimously Approves Ligado Plan; Questions, Opposition Remain

The five members of the Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously to approve a request by Ligado Networks to use satellite frequencies neighbouring those used by GPS to broadcast from ground antennas for 5G, the agency announced Monday morning.

Repeated testing of the plan since it was first proposed by Ligado’s predecessor firm LightSquared in 2010 has shown that supporting terrestrial communications with the frequencies, which are in a band used by satellite systems, could interfere with GPS receivers. That testing included changes made by the firm to ease interference including reducing the amount of power in the signals and forgoing use of frequencies closest to GPS.

The Departments of Defense and Transportation strongly opposed the proposal in a statement released late Friday. “Our Departments — and almost a dozen other federal agencies — are strongly opposed to the Ligado proposal and have asked for its denial.”

Read more in Inside GNSS article. https://insidegnss.com/fcc-unanimously-approves-ligado-plan-questions-opposition-remain/

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