FIG: Setting the Scene for the Coming Four Years

The FIG Congress 2022 marks the end of term for the current 2019-2022 leadership for the President, two Vice Presidents and all ten Commission Chairs. It has been an unusual – and digital – term of office. The last time the global land surveying community could meet was at the FIG Working Week 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam. This was the first event of the current leadership – and the only one that was held on-location, at least so far. Now the FIG is looking forward to meeting again in person, this year in Warsaw, Poland, on 11-15 September 2022.

Last year, the General Assembly was held online. This had both advantages and disadvantages. One advantage was that many members were able to attend. Although the travel situation looks much better this year, the FIG Council has decided to hold one of the General Assembly sessions online to make it possible for as many members as possible to attend. This online session will be held most likely on a Sunday a few weeks before the FIG Congress and will include the President’s report, commission reports, the financial report and other FIG matters.

After that, it is time to meet in person. The second session will be held in the afternoon of 11 September 2022 in Warsaw. This on-site session is called ‘Get to know your candidates’.

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