GA to Release Open-source Analysis GNSS Toolkit

Geoscience Australia  has released an alpha version of what it says is the first Australian-developed open-source software to provide real-time corrections to positioning signals of all the GNSS constellations.

The development is part of Geoscience Australia’s (GA) Positioning Australia program, which aims to boost the accuracy of location-based data from metres to centimetres. The software has been called Ginan, after the name given by some of Australia’s First Peoples to a star (Epsilon Crucis) in the Southern Cross.

Geoscience Australia sought permission to use the name as part of its commitment to respectfully engage and collaborate with Australia’s First Peoples.

GA’s National Positioning Infrastructure Branch Head, Dr Martine Woolf, said the name of the software is a gift from the Wardaman people of the Northern Territory. “Ginan is also the name of the fifth-brightest star in the Southern Cross. Just as the Southern Cross helped the First Australians to navigate this land, the positioning capability we are developing here at Geoscience Australia will enable us to know exactly where we are and where we are going.”

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