Galileo: An Exciting Road Ahead Toward New Capabilities

In 2023, Galileo continues to provide the world’s most precise satellite navigation information, to more than four billion users worldwide. Galileo services have expanded with many new capabilities that are unique with respect to other GNSS.

EUSPA and ESA continue to enjoy an effective collaboration on the many development, deployment and evolution activities of the Galileo Program, each according to its responsibilities for service provision and system development with the European Commission acting as the program manager.

The service delivery operations, and the maintenance of the operational systems, are managed by EUSPA, who supervises several contracts that carry-out the day-to-day activities from dedicated control and monitoring centres throughout Europe. The Galileo timing, navigation and SAR/Galileo services provided in 2023 have been delivered with excellent performances that continue to exceed the formal declarations for minimum performance levels (MPL), both in terms of absolute accuracy and overall service availability.

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