Galileo Green Lane, Easing Pressure at the EU's Internal Borders

The European GNSS Agency (GSA) is working together with the European Commission (EC) on an app to facilitate the movement of goods and freight within the EU in support of the COVID-19 pandemic response. The "Galileo Green Lane" app will ease the flow of freight through borders and enable the efficient transit of critical goods.

The COVID-19 outbreak represents a serious threat not only to public health, but also to the European economy. Lockdowns and other restrictive measures that are necessary to save lives also severely slow down the economy and may delay the transport of goods and services.

With a view to ensuring the uninterrupted transport of critical goods across the EU's internal land borders, the GSA and the Commission are working on the "Galileo Green Lane" app - a solution to monitor and facilitate freight traffic and reduce waiting times at Green Lane border crossings.

Read more in GPS Daily article.

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