Ginan’s Real-time Processing Capabilities Boosted

Geoscience Australia’s Ginan GNSS analysis centre software has been upgraded to Version 2, with enhancements that provide users with real-time processing of observations from all the GNSS constellations without differencing or combining the data.

Ginan is a major part of Australia’s National Positioning Infrastructure Capability (NPIC), boosting positioning accuracy across the continent from 5 to 10 metres down to 3 to 5 centimetres.

“We are so proud of the impact that Ginan is making. By providing an open-source platform, Geoscience Australia is supporting GNSS education by allowing students and researchers to examine how the GNSS Analysis Centre Software algorithms work to solve complex problems,” said Anna Riddell, Director, GNSS Analysis.

“For example, we saw Ginan being used as the processing engine in the research conducted on the Tonga volcano eruption, which created a plasma bubble that deteriorated precise positioning”

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