Israeli Startup Finally Delivers Indoor GPS

Ten years ago, just before the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana, Amiram Frish’s wife sent him to the supermarket to buy honey, traditionally eaten on the holiday to symbolise a sweet new year.

“I walked around for a half hour looking for the honey – I kid you not,” says Frish, CTO and co-founder of Oriient, an Israeli startup. “They had moved it next to the dates because of the holiday. I said to myself: This is crazy, someone needs to solve the indoor positioning problem.”

Ten years later, Frish and his colleagues at Oriient believe they have done exactly that. Measuring slight changes in the earth’s magnetic field, their technology enables users to find their way around inside buildings, the same way that Waze enables drivers to navigate outside.

Waze and Google Maps use orbiting satellites for navigating, but signals from those satellites do not reach consistently inside buildings or underground. Existing indoor positioning technology uses either beacons which require heavy investment in infrastructure, or systems that need Wi-Fi and are inaccurate.

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