Location Tech to Support SA Summer Fire Safety

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) equipment will be rolled out across South Australia’s fire and emergency services vehicle fleets in time for the summer fire season. AVL enables emergency services organisations to track the location of vehicles, helping to direct them to areas of need or warning personnel of the need to relocate in case of danger.

The South Australian Minister for Emergency Services, Vincent Tarzia, has announced that Netstar Australia has been awarded the $13.5 million tender for the AVL roll out.

“Netstar’s AVL solution has been tested thoroughly and can withstand high demand in some of the state’s most remote locations, like parts of Kangaroo Island, where phone connectivity is non-existent,” Minister Tarzia said.

“This is a significant step forward in terms of safety for our emergency services volunteers and personnel.”

Read more in Spatial Source article. https://www.spatialsource.com.au/gis-data/location-tech-to-support-sa-summer-fire-safety?fbclid=IwAR2rhrqOPu3Ml8iQAKUHlmzQfmssYJk7V5sef-x9Z_bGhJqgh01AoVcB5bo

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