MDA Releases Details of Next Generation Commercial Earth Observation Mission

MDA Ltd has released new details about its next industry leading Earth observation (EO) mission. Leveraging legendary RADARSAT heritage, the new system will include a large C-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite operating in a mid-inclination orbit. Capable of covering a 700 km swath in a single pass, the new system will provide the broadest area coverage on the market, changing how, when and what can be seen.

For more than 25 years, MDA has been providing SAR data and imagery to government, commercial and institutional clients globally. That data and imagery is used to support some of the world's most critical applications including maritime surveillance; environmental and climate change monitoring; sovereignty protection; mining, oil and gas and other critical infrastructure monitoring; forestry management; agriculture and smart farming; and disaster preparation and response, among others.

Maintaining primary imaging modes from RADARSAT-2 but with a 40% larger imaging swath width, the new mission will deliver data and image continuity to MDA customers with faster and new imaging capabilities.

Read more in Space Daily article.

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