Russia Expands GPS Signal Jamming to 15 Regions

Russian authorities have ramped up their GPS suppression measures following a slew of drone attacks in recent weeks.

Since April, “strong” interference has been observed in at least 15 regions across Russia, according to data from, which tracks satellite communication based on radio messages from civilian aircraft.

Interference is considered “strong” if more than 10% of the aircraft passing over an area each day experience a signal failure, which can cause planes to deviate from their intended flight paths. However, short-term disruptions may go unnoticed by people on the ground using smartphones and other devices.

While earlier this year GPS signals were mostly jammed around Moscow and regions surrounding the Volga River, by mid-April the interference had expanded to include the Ivanovo, Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Ryazan, Kaluga and Tver regions that encircle Moscow.

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