Six Companies to Demonstrate Alternative PNT to European Union

The European Union will explore alternative PNT through a pre-feasibility study and technological demonstration of seven different  non-GNSS positioning, navigation, or timing solutions from six different companies, including Locata Corporation (Australia), Satelles Inc. (US) and GMV Aerospace (Spain). Some of the demonstrations will consist of precise timing, some of precise positioning, and some of both.  The other companies receiving grants to participate are OPNT BV (the Netherlands), Seven Solutions SL (Spain) and SPCTime (France).

The October 11 announcement caps a year of submissions and review since the tender for the project was published in October of last year by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Defence, Industry and Space. The goal of the process is “to analyse the technologies, which could deliver positioning, and/or timing information, independently from GNSS, to be effective backup in the event of GNSS disruption, and if possible to be able to provide PNT in the environments where GNSS cannot be delivered.”

Read more in Inside GNSS article.

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