Space Threat Report Catalogs China, Russia, Jamming and GPS

America’s space assets are in danger from an array of kinetic, non-kinetic, electronic and cyber threats. These are wielded by nation states, primarily China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, though there are other countries as well as non-state actors. On March 30, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Space Threat Assessment 2020 released a catalogue that highlights the ways essential space-based services Americans rely upon can be degraded or eliminated. But it doesn’t do much to “assess threats.”

That said, it is still an impressive, useful and informative document. Some of what it doesn’t say can be inferred, and it provides a clear conclusion for policy makers and others. Threat assessments are typically undertaken to:

  • Identify potential dangers,
  • Evaluate their credibility,
  • Weigh potential impact, and
  • Estimate the probability of the threat turning into an incident

This CSIS report generally stops after accomplishing the first two tasks.

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