Spatial Services’ Web Services Aligned to GDA2020

NSW’s DCS Spatial Services has announced that from November 2021, new web services aligned to GDA2020 are available via its Spatial Collaboration Portal. This is part of the agency’s continued work towards supporting GDA2020-aligned data and services.

According to Spatial Services, the new web services offer better support for requests in multiple Coordinate Reference Systems (‘multiCRS’), and enable additional flexibility to transform the data on the client-side if required.

Traditionally, Spatial Services web services have been published in WG8 84 / Web Mercator (aligned to GDA94), which has led to challenges with alignment of WGS 84 and GDA2020 data. New GDA2020 web services are needed to support GDA2020-aligned environments and applications (approximately 1.5m north-east of GDA94).

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