The UK’s New Plan For PNT Resilience

While the Australian geospatial sector still awaits the publication of the nation’s official positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) roadmap, the United Kingdom Government is showing the way by releasing a strategy for ensuring the continuity of PNT services in the UK.

The ten-point plan includes establishing a National PNT Office and a National Timing Centre, having back-up plans in the event of disruption to the GNSS, along with various other initiatives such as terrestrial timing networks and precision clock research to boost resilience and reduce risk.

The aim is the ensure critical sectors such as finance, defence, transportation, telecommunications and emergency services, as well as everyday services such as banking and the stock market, are protected from failure in the event of major problems with the current PNT system.

The new strategy — which the UK Government is describing as a “framework” — was released on 18 October by the UK’s Science Minister, George Freeman.

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