UNSW Graduate’s Robotic Arm to Join Australia’s First Rideshare

Bohan Deng’s business, Sperospace, creates robotic arms that can repair satellites in orbit and will launch late next year in an initiative paid for by the NSW government. The competitive project, “Waratah Seed”, is led by the Australian Research Centre for Cubesats, UAVs and their Applications (CUAVA) and aims to make space more accessible.

Bohan Deng only finished his HSC in 2015 before studying for a bachelor’s degree in aerospace, aeronautical and astronautical engineering at UNSW. He founded Sperospace in December 2018 and has received remarkable success. Earlier this year, Space Connect reported how NSW-based Space Machines Company also tapped his company to join its spacecraft launch.

In 2022, the in-space logistics provider will launch its first orbital transfer vehicle, Optimus-1, delivering commercial satellites onto their orbital paths around Earth and deeper into space. It will enter into orbit using a Gilmour Space Technologies rocket.

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