Risk Management Forms

Students who carrying out laboratory experiments, on-campus exercises and field practices are required to read and understand associated hazards and risks involved, and be able to control the risks within a minimal and acceptable level. Declare As Read should be submitted online from UNSW Safesys website. Click the associated Document Number to access the forms in http://www.sfaesys.unsw.edu.au. UNSW zID and zPass are required.

  • ENG-CVEN-ACT-1381.

  • (RMF)_Surveying field work, practice, experiment or demonstration: Document Number ENG-CVEN-RMF-10210.
  • (SWP)_Surveying Instrument Safe Operation Procedure: Document Number ENG-CVEN-SWP-4909.
  • (RMF)_Electrical and Electronic Soldering in SAGE Labs: Document Number ENG-CVEN-RMF-20173.
  • (RMF)_SAGE Lab general risk management: Document Number ENG-CVEN-RMF-21037.

To digitally sign the form, click a relevant link above and login using your zID and zPass. Read through and understand all the associated risks and hazards for your prac. At end of this form, select the "Declare As Read" button. Tick the box in its popup window and select Submit. It should display "Your declaration has been successfully submitted. The competencies register will now be updated with a record that you have read this document.". OK.

A checklist can be implemented in Moodle courses to instruct students to read the RMFs and declare as read in SafeSys. Course instructors are able to check the completion status in Moodle.

An example (screen capture): 


The example in rich text:

Checklist - Completion of RMF reading

The potential risks or hazards in your outdoor practices are listed in the Risk Management Form (RMF) in SafeSys - "(RMF)_Surveying field work, practice, experiment or demonstration".

Please follow the steps below to confirm you have read this RMF in SafeSys and declared as read.

1. Read this Risk Management Form in SafeSys.

2. Understand the associated risks, controls and their management.

3. At the end of the RMF, select "Declare As Read" and Submit.

4. Back to this course in Moodle to check off. 

I have read and declared as read in SafeSys.

How to check progress?